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Nikiti main beach: 40.212310, 23.671331
Koviou Beach: 40.182103, 23.710084
Agios Ioannis Beach: 40.192299, 23.693883
Kalogria Beach: 40.177595, 23.714483
Spathies Beach: 40.170700, 23.720652
Kastri Beach: 40.193791, 23.686395
Elia Beach: 40.155327, 23.728881
Lagomandra Beach: 40.135669, 23.746669
Trani Ammouda Beach: 40.244354, 23.724117
Livari: 40.203198, 23.763599
Vourvourou: 40.189889, 23.802309
Karidi - Vourvourou: 40.193168, 23.808703


There is an exotic element in the beaches of Sithonia in Chalkidiki which always appeals the visitor. It is probably the white sand, the crystal clear waters, the vegetation that reaches the shore, which create this sense of the exotic. In Nikiti, the coastline of Sithonia expands for about 25km, including some unique beaches.

Elia Beach

A beach with an almost straight coastline, quite uncommon in Sithonia, wonderfully coloured and marked by the pine trees that literally fall into the water.

Spathies Beach

Spathies is located just after Kalogria beach. Its main feature is a rocky shore with little bays and sea caves.

Nikiti Beach

The main beach of Nikiti in Halkidiki has easy access and lots of facilities for the visitor. Your kids will love the shallow, clean waters.

Lagomandra Beach

A large beach with stunning sea and an adjacent pine tree forest, many accommodation options and activities of water sports.

Kastri Beach

A not well known beach in Nikiti, located in an area of special historical interest.

Ai Yiannis Beach

A long, easily accessed beach with crystal clear water, located a few kilometers outside Nikiti.

Koviou Beach

Relaxing turquoise water, in a unique frame of sea, rocks and pine trees.

Kalogria Beach Nikiti

An open bay, a big sandy beach and an off-shore rocky island with seabirds.