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Nikiti Old Village: 40.230185, 23.672190
Sofronios Basilica: 40.207705, 23.680794
Agios Nikitas: 40.233068, 23.673091
Itamos Walk & Bike: 40.151850, 23.797417
Agion Oros (Athos) Sea Cruises: 40.239964, 23.735619
Ruins of Byzantine Tower: 40.222083, 23.691781


There is an authenticity in the buildings and in the surrounding atmosphere in Nikiti old village which is rare for a holiday destination. It may be felt even in the more tourist beach area, on the smiles and the hospitality of the people who, royal to their traditions, are trying to keep intact the values and the character of the place. This is a place full of hidden treasures. From the remains of a Roman-era church to a refreshing mountain-bike ride on Itamos Mountain.

History of Nikiti

Beginning as a small cluster of houses inside a ravine, the old settlement in Nikiti is over 700 years old. Combining a variety of sources we present a study of the history of the place from medieval to modern times.

St. Nikitas church

Built during the second half of the 19th century, the church is one of the oldest and most important buildings in the area. Its story is linked with the historical evolution of Nikiti, the passions, the joys and the dramas of the people.

Sofronios Basilica

Late antiquity is a period of intense change. The area of Agios Georgios in Nikiti has its own little story to tell from that era.

Itamos Walk

Sithonia is best know for its beaches. Of course, you could admire the coastline from above. Go to Mt. Itamos and you will be surprised.